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Agent Toolkit
  Calculator Underwriting Tools & Questionnaires Calculator Fixed Indexed Annuities
  Carrier Tobacco Guide   The Truth About Fixed Indexed Annuities
  Carrier Family History Guide   The Advantage of Annual Reset on FIA's
  Health Assessment Questionnaire   Family Balance Sheet
  Quote Request Form - Disability   Indexed Annuities 101
  Quote Request Form - Life Products   DOL 84-24 Disclosure
  Quote Request Form - Long Term Care    
  Calculator IRA/Qualified Plan/Roth IRA Information Calculator Industry Links
  Qualified Longevity Annuity Contracts (defer RMDs past 70 1/2)   AM Best Rating Information
  2015 - New RMD Rules & Longevity Annuities   Carrier Insolvency
  2015 - New Once-A-Year Rollover Rules   Carriers' Annuity Rates
  IRS Allowed Rollover Chart   Client Fact Finder Form
  Top Down Guide To Roth IRA 2010 Conversions   National Assoc of Fixed Annuities
  Roth Conversion Fact Sheet   NAFA Benefits
  Roth IRA Rules (2010)   NAIFA
  RMD Rules/ Uniform Lifetime RMD Tables   Medical Information Bureau
  IRA Rules & FAQ   Daily Treasury Yield Curve Rates
  RMD Distributions for IRA Beneficiaries   IRS publications & forms
  RMD Worksheet   IRS 590-B Distributions from IRAs
  Inherited IRAs   S&P 500 Closing Prices/Historicals
  Inherited IRA Fact Sheet    
  IRA Rollover Rules    
  Qualified Plan Distribution Rules    
Single Life Expectancy Table for Inherited IRAs    
  IRA Rollover Chart    
  Conduit IRAs    
  Qualified Plans & RMDs    
  Qualified Plan Comparison Chart    
2017 Qualified Plan Pension Limits    
  Calculator Tax Reference Guides Calculator NAIC Annuity Suitability Training Requirements
  2018 Tax Reference Guide   States that Require State Training
  2017 Tax Reference Guide    
2016 Tax Reference Guide    
  2015 Tax Reference Guide    
  2014 Tax Reference Guide    
  Calculator Retirement Planning Calculator General Suitability Guidelines/ Carrier-Specific Suitability Requirements
  2017 Retirement Planning Guide    
  Fixed Annuity Rates   Carrier Guidelines
Websites that help with aging parents   HIPAA Form
  Social Security Reference Guide    
  Social Security e-Kit    
Social Security Life Expectancy Tables    
  Calculator Financial Calculators Calculator Continuing Education
  Access All Our Financial Calculators    
Asset Allocator   Upcoming Classes
  72(t) Calculator   Discounted Internet Classes
  Estate Tax Planning     NC CE Requirements

Social Security Life Expectancy Tables

  North Carolina CE FAQ
Fixed Annuity Calculator    
Immediate Annuity Calculator  
Investment Distributions  
Roth IRA Calculator 1 Calculator 2  
Life Expectancy  
Savings, Taxes, and Inflation  
Taxable vs. Tax-Advantaged Investments  
Retirement Income  
  Calculator Errors & Omissions Insurance Calculator Annuity Planning

E&O Opportunity for Producers

  Annuity Aggregation Rule
      National CD Rates and Rate Caps
    Qualified Longevity Annuity Contracts
  Calculator Long-Term Care Planning Calculator State Insurance Departments:
General Agent Correspondence
Four Quick Tips on LTC Planning   Contact Information
  A 3-Step Guide to Smarter LTC Planning   NC Email Address Requirements for All Agents
The Most Asked Questions About LTC Planning    
Valuable Lessons for 40-60 year olds   State tax withholding chart
Fresh Perspectives on LTC Planning  
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