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Long-Term Care Asset Protection Solutions from Adams-Moore

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ForeCare Annuity by Global Atlantic

flirten online kostenlos ForeCare offers a better, more tailored strategy for the 76% of annuity owners who identify their annuity as a means of self-insuring against the threat of long-term care expenses.1 ForeCare is an innovative fixed annuity that incorporates a long-term care benefit to help you avoid financial hardship in the event of a health crisis that requires long-term care.

With ForeCare, you get all of the benefits of a fixed annuity, such as income options, tax-deferral and a death benefit that passes any remaining contract value directly to your named beneficiary at death. Plus, you get financial protection at two- or three-times the contract value for long-term care expenses. In order to provide these benefits, ForeCare contracts require a simple, quick and non-invasive application process.

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reputable dating sites Two- or three-times the contract value (determined through underwriting) for qualified long-term care expenses; Protection of principal and accrued interest with ForeCare charges for long-term care protection guaranteed to not exceed the current period crediting rating2; Guaranteed minimum interest crediting; A death benefit that passes remaining contract value to beneficiaries so it's not lost if it's not needed for long-term care expenses or income.

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ForeCare Disclosure
ForeCare 3-Step Process
ForeCare FAQ
Forecare Client Brochure
Forecare Claims Process
ForeCare Calculator

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Adams-Moore also features Annuity Care, Asset-Care, Legacy Care, and ImmediateCare by OneAmerica
The Care Solutions portfolio is a suite of asset-based insurance products with long-term care benefits, providing consumers with options to help them plan in case of long-term care expenses - and provide value if not. Click here for more information.

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